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What Is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a type of internet hosting which allows individuals or organisations to build their websites on virtual servers. Cloud hosting providers has an extensive underlying network of physical web servers that provide computing resource to virtual servers. The company also provides the internet connectivity of the client. Cloud hosts may provide data center space and connectivity for other servers in their data center. This is called collocation or housing. offers affordable and reliable cloud hosting plans

Benefits of Cloud Hosting


In cloud hosting the web site is hosted on a virtual server rather than being hosted in a single instance of a physical web server.  This provides  reliability because when a server goes offline, it will only affect the cloud in such a way that it will dilute just a little of the resource level but not the whole cloud’s reliability. In some instances, the cloud platforms can survive even if the entire data center goes offline because the pooled cloud resource is mainly drawn from different data centers in various locations thereby minimizing website downtime.

Physical Security

The physical servers are housed within data centers therefore it benefits from security measures that are implemented to prevent people from accessing or disrupting on-site operations.

Scalability and Flexibility

The resources are available real time on demand so if the client’s web site demands extra resources because of a spike of traffic or the implementation of new function, the resources will still be accessed effortlessly.

Utility Style Costing

The client will pay only for what is used. The resource will be available should there be a spike for demand but there will be no wasted capacity that will remain unused if the demand is lower.

Responsive Load Balancing

Load balancing is software based and could therefore be easily scaled to respond to the demands of the clients.

Known Cloud Hosting Providers