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What Is A Virtual Private Server?

Virtual Private Server or VPS in short word has become one of the most sought after features for all types of online business these days. Be it small or medium or even large business, due to its affordability and performance, VPS has bagged a coveted position in the online business. virtual private servers in Tokyo and Fremont

Before going through the depth of the topic, here’s a brief idea on what basically a virtual private server is! One of the major aspects of online business is hosting, which allows the business owner to upload the website on a net server for getting it online. VPS is a dedicated server or more precisely one of the many small independent servers having its own resources like operating system, processor, etc. In a layman’s term, virtual private server is the small unit of a large physical server on which a website is hosted for being visible over the internet.

The idea of shared or dedicated servers came into existence, with the emergence of the online marketing trend. Well ahead of its invention, shared hosting was more preferable choice because a website hosted on a shared platform where many other websites have been hosted saved lots of money. It is because the hosting cost was shared by the other websites. And this concept of shared hosting gave rise to Virtual Private Server.

VPS is a healthy option for the websites, blogs and online portals having massive traffic. Why? How can a novice get assured and persuaded for opting VPS? Want to know the reasons? Here are they:

  • These are affordable in comparison to their counterparts. And this is probably one of the major reasons why VPS is the most sought after in online marketing. It matches all the requisite features of a dedicated server and has a reasonable price too!
  • It functions independently. Though this is a part of the large physical server, and there are numerous virtual private servers, but each of these work independently. The function of each VPS is much isolated than the other. Moreover another added advantage is that the performance of the website is not affected by any change in the VPS that are sharing the same physical server.
  • Next to its affordability, the other vital reason for its popularity is its top notch security. It provides high end security against malicious practices on web server. With a VPS you can get flexible and customised safety features like having firewalls to filter unwanted traffic. You want traffic, no doubt; but what about unwanted traffic? Here comes the importance of sales tactics! And as a true business person you need to understand it.

And lastly having a VPS gives you all the benefit of handling the website in a customised way. You can have full authorisation over your online ambience. You can set up your operating system, manage your control panel and customise them as per your benefit, install various software package as per your requirement and get the most updated and impeccable security.