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What Is Email Hosting?

What is Email Hosting?

As many people probably know an email hosting service is in fact an Internet hosting service which conducts and operates email servers. An email itself, (or should we say E-mail, as it’s been accumulated as since 1993.) is a kind of an informational delivery type – communications technology. In the early days of e-mail technology some of the systems required both users (composer and recipient) to be online at the same time, which is why these early systems are often compared to instant messaging we have today. offers affordable email hosting

Nowadays, many software platforms provide e-mail services of which some of the most known and commonly used include Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Outlook and plenty others. Keep reading to learn why having personal email hosting is more beneficial to you or your company and why it is a vital part of any business setup, rather than using public e-mail platforms.

Benefits of Personal Email Hosting

Purchasing email hosting will not only keep you or your company efficiently organized, it will also show professionalism on your side, and that pretty much equals to credibility, authority and trustworthiness. These are some of the advantages your company gains instantly when adding e-mail hosting to their decision-making.

Most critical benefits of an email hosting include:

  • Security – Our servers are fully equipped with industry encryption, meaning any transfer of data or information that occurs on these servers are encrypted and therefore 100% secured from unauthorized parties getting a hold of your info!
  • Storage Capacity – Talk about adequate storage space. We’re proud to announce that even our most basic email hosting plans include enough storage for thousands of important e-mails and messages in general.
  • Address Books – Probably one of the most compelling e-mail services, all of our plans equip its users with share-able address books.
  • Professional Appearance – All businesses need this, whether you’re just starting up, or been in the field for some time, professionalism is your friend and this is how you come off when dealing with your clients – as a professional.
  • Advanced Virus/Spam Protection – As one of the most crucial benefits, protecting yourself and your clients from viruses and needless spam will not only ensure clear-cut messaging but will once more add to the professionalism of your business. This feature is absolutely beneficial as e-mailing harmful content including spam is now a more serious issue than it has ever been before.

Take a look at our email hosting plans, and be sure to make use of the benefits mentioned here, as this will surely go a long way into not only promoting your business in a positive light but will certainly make your clients feel more comfortable when dealing with the services you provide.