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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

The use of CUBiT Cloud Hosting Solutions web services (“Free” and “Paid”)  constitutes an agreement of the customer to the following terms of service.

1. Account

  1. Creation. When creating an account, the customer agrees to provide correct information such as name, contact numbers, email address for the purpose of customer service.
  2. Termination. Customer account maybe terminated if found violating the mass email and website content terms of service. No refund will be provided.

2. Payments

  1. Terms. All web hosting, email hosting, domain services (i.e. registration, transfer and renewal) are paid yearly.
  2. Refunds. We provide refunds case to case basis.

3. Website Content

CUBiT Cloud Hosting Solutions does not allow the use of it’s web hosting and email hosting services in illegal activities. The following are not allowed:

  1. Pornography
  2. Hosting of files
  3. Sending of un-solicited emails (spamming)

4. Mass Email

Every web hosting and email hosting accounts are provided with a designated number of emails to be sent per hour. This should be followed at all times.

All web hosting and email hosting accounts found to be sending unsolicited mass emails are terminated. No refunds are provided.

5. Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting accounts maybe used for testing purposes before buying any paid web hosting service. All free web hosting accounts should have updates or movements with regards to contents once a month. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate all free web hosting accounts with stagnant content.

Free hosting will be cancelled if your domain is not pointing to our nameservers (i.e. atche.cubithost.com.ph / aya.cubithost.com.ph) after ordering the hosting service. In case your site is live, please contact us immediately at cubithost@gmail.com.

Please note that some software add-ons are not available in the Free hosting accounts such as Softaculous.

Free web hosting may not be used for the following:

  1. Spamming
  2. Advertising
  3. .tk and other free domains

6. Web Hosting Features

Not all advertised web hosting features are available in every hosting account. Softaculous script installer is not available in Free cloud web hosting plan.

Free cloud web hosting plan is only available in Fremont, California VPS server.

7. Backup

CUBiTHOST.ph does not perform backup for every hosting account. By subscribing to our free and paid hosting service, the customer agrees to perform backup for every website he/she owns.

This terms of service maybe updated with out prior notice.

Last updated on April 1, 2014.