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Server Locations

Server Locations
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Server Locations

Server Locations

Server location is a crucial element for quicker website load times. This is due to server latency – the time it takes a packet of information to travel from source to destination. The lower the latency the better speed and load time for your site.

Google states that, “Server location (identified by IP address of the server): is often physically near the website’s visitors and can be a signal about a site’s intended audience.” A server near the geographical location of the website may increase your website’s rankings on Google.

Currently, we have two server locations for you to choose from and two more locations on their way.

Current Server Locations

  1. Tokyo, Japan – Great choice for our web hosting clients in the Philippines
  2. Fremont, California – Convenient location for web hosting and email hosting services for our North American clients

Future Server Locations

  1. Singapore – To augment our Tokyo, Japan Server
  2. Amsterdam – Perfect for European clients

CUBiT Cloud Hosting Solutions is continually thinking about how to improve the customer experience. Having multiple server locations available is one of those ways.

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